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Come reel with us

Reel Ottawa is currently accepting auditions for new company members. Please fill out this form to submit your application. Videos can be sent via email to

Dancers that meet the following criteria are invited to audition

Premier level dancer

Untitled design (17).jpg

Age 20+

Untitled design (17).jpg
Untitled design (17).jpg

Actively taking Highland
dancing lessons

Untitled design (17).jpg

Extensive choreography experience
outside of standard competitions

Untitled design (17).jpg

Permission from current teacher to audition for Reel Ottawa

Untitled design (17).jpg

Either live in Ottawa, or originate
from the Ottawa area

Dancers can record themselves dancing both the choreography steps and a 4 step jig, or send a choreography video (must have been taken within the last year).. 

As a curveball, we want your jig to be the HAPPIEST jig you've ever danced. 

Please send a YouTube link of your submission to us by email at 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. 

Happy dancing! 

A recap of our June 18 auditions

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